• Deutsche Mugge

    Matt tears from his instrument just as sharp notes as Jimi (Hendrix) once did from his instrument in Woodstock … An incredibly excellent guitar playing … first-class guitarist.

  • Musikreviews

    Playfully refined tracks … with outstanding guitar playing.

  • Blues Matters Magazin

    Imagine if you can, a band that includes Mick Jagger and Steve Vai, the shifting time signatures of jazz rock fusion.

  • Besser im Blick-Magazin

    Matt Craft and his band spread a spirit borne by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, which was carried over to the guests from the first to the last played note.

  • vampster

    Sounds … with feeling and skill … you can understand that well-known musicians are also full of praise.

  • Weser-Kurier

    Matt Craft and his band presented an enormous musical range of soft and powerful tones and performed numerous pieces of their own. The guitarist has eaten his lesson in terms of Jimi Hendrix and Steve Ray Vaughan … almost with spoons and has mastered their licks and riffs … in addition to crazy guitar playing technique and brilliant grooves … presumably even in deep sleep.

  • FFM-Rock

    Matt Craft has his music in his blood. He feels, lives, breathes every note of the blues together with his colleagues. With a warm sound, the Fender Stratocaster guitar comes into its own with a beautiful sound.

  • Idioglossia Musikreviews

    Matt Craft is allowed to imagine his feeling and considerable dexterity.